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  • PT Asiarep Indonesia, African Resource Management Ghana and AsiaRep Resource Management Singapore are sister companies comprising the AsiaRep Group of Companies.
  • The Group provides a wide range of technical services throughout Indonesia, Southeast Asia, West Africa and South America.
  • Main services of the Group includes: After market product supply Auto Electrical Fleet Maintenance Supervision, Auto Electrical Fleet Audits, Maintenance Standards Establishment, Competency Based Training for Auto Electricians and Air Conditioning Technicians.
  • The above training is especially designed to develop competencies in the areas deemed weak by our Skill Assessing Programs.

The Leaders in Heavy Duty Electrical Systems and Services for Mobile Mining Equipment

The AsiaRep Group, a wholly owned and registered international company, was founded in April 1994 with the focus of bringing Australian Automotive Electrical Technical Services and Parts to the Global Mining and Oil & Gas Industries. Today, The Group is the largest automotive electrical manufacturer, supplier and training provider in the Indonesian mining Industry and is quickly gaining substantial recognition in many other countries in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

The AsiaRepGroup’s prominent position in the industry is a result of its critical attention to detail and service in solving clients’ needs.

Supporting this endeavour is a focused commitment to markets, continued search for new technical developments, investments in local manufacturing and service divisions, permanent offices, regular field representation, stock availability, registered international distributorships and investment in staff training.